There is a certain, undeniable energy in the room when they play that totally envelopes you and causes you to get lost in the music! ”

— Gill McGuckin of McGuckin Entertainment Austin TX

VLP on the Radio!! Check it out!!

Attention VLP fans!!! We want to give you a heads up that KETR will be airing the 5 minute short piece with the band Tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 14th @ 3 times (7am hour, 4pm hour, and again in the 8pm hour.) You can listen from our website, either with the “Listen Live” button, or the Video Stream link. Thanks! Matt Meinke Chief Announcer/Host: Notably Texan 88.9 FM KETR Radio A Service of Texas A&M University-Commerce

CORRECTION: Radio Interview NOT live, will air...

Let's call it live-to-tape :) I'll be recording, and producing our interview into a piece which will air the following week. But don't fret, my show Notably Texan still plays VLP regularly, 6-9pm M-Th on 88.9-FM in Northeast Texas, or streaming at


The guys from VLP have been invited by Matt Meinke of the Notably Texan radio show on 88.9 KETR to do a live, on-air, one hour, radio interview at 2pm this coming Friday Sept 10th!!You'll hear some stories from the guys - about the band, about the songs, & hear some live music performed right there in the studio! Listen online with the link posted here: KETR radio station

VLP drummer James Montgomery drums stolen!

. In the early morning hours of Monday Dec 28th, 2009, James Montgomery’s (drummer of The Vince Lujan Project) vehicle was broken into and all of his drum equipment (equipment that he uses for VLP performances and other personal engagements) was stolen while his car was parked in the driveway of his home. This news hit the entire VLP team extremely hard. With so many new challenges to face in 2010, saving up to replace stolen drum equipment that is imperative for performing is not something the band…Read more

VLP 2009 in review...

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from VLP!
Thanks for coming out to our shows, purchasing our albums, saying hello online, and telling your friends and family about The Vince Lujan Project! We truly appreciate the love and support of our loyal fans!

2009 was an exciting year for The Vince Lujan Project. The band won an unofficial South by Southwest Showcase at Gueros’ Taco Bar in Austin, Texas from Live Music Records in Houston, Texas (owned by Pete Simple). We kept up appearances all over the Dallas/Fort…Read more

VLP Showcase!! tickets on sale!

VLP Showcase Friday Nov 6th at Dreamworld Music Complex 3102 W. Division St. Arlington, TX. Doors open at 6:30pm Show begins at 8pm. VLP on at aprox 9pm. TICKETS JUST $10!!! other bands include - Dallas Groove Cartel, Platinum Status, Groove University, & S'Native... Contact us now for TICKET information! Come out and support VLP!

VLP is awarded Track of the Day

Cool than Water was awarded Track of the Day on the Garage Band website - on December 8, 2006 in the Groove Rock category.


Check out VLP at these additional sites:

Texas Governor's Music Office Web Page - where you'll find not only hundreds of Texas based artists but listings of live music venues, recording studios, record labels, and more all over Texas!

Garage - check out new emerging, budding, artists trying their stuff out on other artists and comment on how they're doing.

Gig - when you're heard and seen enough and just have to get us to your next event, use GigMasters to quickly and professionally…

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Full band studio cuts of "SSLS" and "Cooler than Water"

***site updates*** Listen to the full band studio cuts of "SSLS" and "Cooler than Water" on this site!!

hey everybody! Check out the Sounds page for new stuff on the music player & downloads of the band at work. Hear rehearsal takes, scratch studio tracks, and more!!

Vince would like to thank fellow musician Josh Ello (violin/guitar/vocal) who graciously agreed to let us use a couple tracks (Sehla & Cooler Than Water) from a little bit ago while we finish up in the studio. Check him out at &amp…

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Josh Ello lends a hand

Vince would like to thank fellow musician Josh Ello (violin/guitar/vocal) who graciously agreed to let us use a couple tracks (Sehla & Cooler Than Water) from a little bit ago while we finish up in the studio. Check him out at & .

Beginning Recording Days

The recording process is coming along pretty well, but tedious. Close to completion is a track entitled 'S.S.L.S.' (Sad, Sappy, Love Song) a tune from Vince's early days as a writer that the band has gone back over and revamped. Also in the works, is the groove tune 'Cooler Than Water' which, other than lacking a few solos & a vocal, is about ready to go.